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Dental Associates For Kids Only is a specialty dental clinic that provides prevention and treatment of oral health for children. Our patients include infants, children, and adolescents from the surrounding areas and Scottsdale. We realize each child is unique and each child deserves the best in dental care.

Infant Dental Care

Dental care should begin prior to the first tooth. A good practice is cleaning your infant's gums after feeding. You should start using a baby toothbrush once the first tooth appears. It isn't necessary to use toothpaste at this time as a toothbrush moistened with water is sufficient. You can introduce toothpaste after more teeth appear. It is advised to use what we call a thin “smear layer” of non-fluoride toothpaste.

Your infant's first dental visit should be around six months or after the appearance of the first tooth, whichever comes first. During your first visit our board certified pediatric dentist will evaluate your baby's oral health and discuss the best practices to care for your infant's teeth.

Caring for Your Child's Teeth

Your child is unique and has their own personality and ability to understand oral health care. We take a kid friendly approach when explaining the different procedures. Dr. Veneberg has a great sense and aptitude to understand each child's comfort level. The comfort level will help determine the treatment plan for your child. Dr. Veneberg's goal is to make each and every experience at the dentist a positive experience.

Your child should have regular dental visits twice a year (every six months) for cleanings and routine exams. We also suggest your child receive fluoride treatments during these visits. We will discuss the best treatment options for your child's needs.

Adolescent Dental Care

Proper dental care is very important for your growing child. We feel each child deserves the best chance for a long life with a beautiful smile and proper oral health. As your child develops permanent teeth your child should continue regular dental visits. It is recommended for your teen to have routine dental screenings every six months. Good oral hygiene practices at home include regular brushing and flossing.