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Pediatric Dental Care

pediatric dental care

Dr. V offers biological dental care for children from infancy through adolescence with mercury-free materials.

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your child's first teeth

Baby teeth typically begin to show up between six and nine months. The first to arrive are usually the two lower front teeth, then the two upper teeth, followed by the canines. 

These baby teeth or primary teeth hold the space for adult teeth until they are ready to arrive. The top of the adult teeth pushes the roots of the baby teeth causing them to melt away, providing room for the adult teeth to take their place.

Primary teeth help your child with biting, chewing and speaking. Keeping them healthy will promote natural tooth loss and replacement with permanent teeth.

daily brushing routine

When your child becomes a toddler (around 2), it’s time to begin teaching them the daily habits of oral hygiene. We recommend a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and just a thin smear of toothpaste. You’ll need to help your child every day until they can do it on their own.

your child's first dental appointment

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child visits the dentist before they turn one.

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Pediatric dental treatments


Our preventative approach to oral health means equipping you and your child with the resources needed to reduce and eliminate the risk of tooth decay, oral infections, and myofunctional irregularities.

specialized concerns

Dr. V. evaluates airway and breathing, tongue ties, and other pediatric issues that may impact long-term health and wellness.

Silver Diamine fluoride

While we offer fluoride-free options, we may occasionally recommend a non-drilling approach to stop the progression of a cavity with the use of silver diamine fluoride or silver nitrate.

white crowns

Sometimes a cavity in a baby molar is too large for a white filling so a crown is used for greater strength.  We provide biocompatible white zirconia crowns for a natural-looking option.

healthy start

Dr. V is a provider of uniquely designed oral appliances to address sleep-disordered breathing symptoms while promoting arch development and beautiful smiles. To learn more click here for the parent webinar.

exams & Cleanings

We recommend a checkup every six months with periodic digital X-rays and radiation-free cavity detection.

white fillings

If your child has a cavity, small white fillings offer a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional silver restoration types.

laughing gas

If your child is anxious or especially wiggly, we can use laughing gas to safely help them relax during any dental procedure!

orthodontic screenings

Early orthodontic intervention doesn’t just affect your child’s tooth alignment. It also addresses pediatric sleep disorders and complications such as narrow airways. Growth modification techniques enhance proper orofacial development, speech patterns, and quality sleep. We also work with a myofunctional therapist!

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